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The resonance, frequency, lyrics, voice, the sound each instrument makes, all contribute to greatly impact the human soul. It can calm, uplift, excite, transport, transcend. Its healing properties are well known to us all.

So take all that healing power and double it, quadruple it. What if you wrote that song? What if those lyrics were your story? Sometimes a sentiment, a pain, a trauma, can only be released through song. AHERO Records is excited and proud to be launching this label, this songwriting ecosystem of talented, experienced, renowned professionals to guide our Vets and First Responders through the cathartic process of songwriting and recording, of peeling back layers of pain and trauma, to exorcise those demons, inspire faith, instill confidence, fulfillment and a renewed sense of purpose as a studio recorded songwriter.


Music offers insight into the military experience and the trials of coming home. Some of us use music to heal, some sing to connect with others… and some listen to just zone out and escape.

Songs created by our Veterans and service members reveal the scope of their struggle and sacrifice. Offered without self-pity, they enable healing and remind the rest of us that they are truly heroic Americans.

Trading Dreams for Service

There are some amazing and talented artist in the Military, Veteran and First Responder community.

Their service and sacrifices along with demanding schedules, deployments and dedication to our communities and to our nation’s defense do not always allow them the chance to showcase and pursue their talents or to be recognized for their craft

...that’s where AHERO Records comes in.


At AHERO Records, we embrace the effective healing model, developed by Mr. Bob Regan , and OperationSong , that pairs individual Veterans with an accomplished musician in a comfortable setting to relate their story as part of a cathartic and relationship-building songwriting experience. The songs are then performed live during AHERO events, the Veteran gains a new coping tool while enjoying the experience, and the musician benefits by communicating his or her sense of appreciation for the Veteran’s service to the nation. We honor the groundbreaking work accomplished by Operation Song, and we are grateful to the dedicated professional singer/songwriters like Rusty Tabor , Jeff Silvey, Mike Corrado , and Kevin Adair who continue to support our Veterans and First Responders through Music4AHERO events.

AHERO Records:

We are a Veteran-operated record label whose artists are active military, honorably discharged veterans, and first responders. We assist our artists in writing, recording, distribution and promotion. We believe in the healing power of music and the musical talents and aspirations within many of those who serve.

AHERO Records is a program under the 501.c.3. non-profit organization AHERO. Proceeds from our music releases benefit organizations designed to heal the physical and psychological wounds of war and of military and first responder service.

Led by Colonel Mike Corrado, USMC (Ret), it’s Mission is this:

  • To be a Platform for Veterans and First Responders to heal, through writing and musical expression
  • To be a Guide and supporter, enhancing their craft and finessing their message, aided by established talented songwriters, singers and producers
  • To be a Protector - from the vagaries of the music business, renown for sharp deals and harsh tactics - to ensure our Vets feel the camaraderie of service and have a team to engage the the downside of the music industry - by establishing our own label, our own distribution channels, securing deals for the artist, not the label.
  • To be the enabler of Fulfillment, whether the artist records one song, one album, or goes Platinum.
Mike Corrado

Such that the singer, songwriter or musician finds new PURPOSE, working in the field they love.

Mike Corrado, a combat-seasoned Marine had always been Brave. But it wasn’t until he returned home from his second tour in Iraq, that he revealed just how fearless he really was. Because as soon as Mike stepped back onto U.S. soil, he stepped out on a huge limb writing and performing songs that unearthed the kind of subject matter most returning soldiers never want to talk about — reopening wounds ignorer to heal them. And through Mike realized he would stir up a lot of anger, darkness and pain, he also knew he could help his fellow soldiers cope with their demons in a way that was a little less daunting. At the helm of AHERO Records, Mike is throwing the net wider to shepherd a new generation of up-and-coming veteran songwriters.

Music is 

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Not Patriotic Music
Music by Patriots

Thanks to

Col Mike Corrado, USMC (Ret)

for his dedicated service to our nation and for leading AHERO Records in support of our musically inclined heroes


Support AHERO = Support VETERANS

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