Fly Fishing 4AHERO

Fly Fishing 4AHERO

Keith Richard & Bass catchAHERO is pleased to have as one of its newest friends and supporters, Master Casting Instructor (MCI) Keith Richard, owner of The Camp Fly Fishing School based in Breaux Bridge, La. Richard has taught fly-fishing tactics in Canada, throughout the United States, and among the Mayan ruins in Playa Blanca, Mexico.

A great promoter of fishing education and conservation to young and old alike, Richard has served as a member of the Casting Board of Governors of Fly Fishers International (FFI), an organization of fly fisherman and volunteers dedicated to fly-fishing education and conservation. FFI currently certifies instructors in 44 different countries. Richard is one of fewer than 50 MCI’s worldwide who are certified to test others for both initial and master-level certification, and he has authored several articles on fly fishing published by FFI.

Veterans who enjoy the outdoors and are seeking a relaxing yet challenging activity may well want to look into learning to fly fish. It can be, among other things, a healthy way to combat depression.

“We recently developed a website primarily dedicated to creating awareness of Veteran suicide rates and prevention,” Richard said, “and we established an affiliation with AHERO, knowing of their suicide-prevention mission. There are more than 60 videos on various topics of fly fishing, and there are more such videos to come.”

Keith Richard, Fishing Master Casting Instructor

Richard explained that the beginning student as well as the highly-skilled fly-fishing enthusiast will benefit from many of these videos. Throughout the website, specific topics are covered that will take you through the fly-fishing learning and perfecting process, including:

  • Choosing Equipment
  • Equipment Setup
  • Accessories Used
  • Types of Casting Styles
  • Casting Dynamics
  • Fishing Tactics
  • Advanced Casting Skills
  • Much More

“This is a sport you can enjoy almost anywhere in the world,” Richard said. “No one should assume they can’t fly fish because of disabilities. Adaptive equipment today has made overcoming physical limitations possible. Instructors experienced with various casting styles can more often than not work with physical challenges their students have. From the very young to the middle aged, to ‘oldsters’ who want to stay active, wherever you find water, you will likely find fly-fishing folks passionate about this incredibly rewarding sport.”

Feel free to email any questions or comments about fly fishing that you would like to see further explored to [email protected], or visit

Fly Fishing 4AHERO

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