Kirk Sanders

  • March 11, 2015
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Upon my return from the war, I found my life in total disarray.  My emotions, feelings, attitude and demeanor were that of an infantryman that had returned home safely. Being thrust back into civilian life was sticker-shock. Coming from a theatre where everything you said/failed to say, did/failed to do, was a matter of life death not only for yourself, but all those around you, into a theatre where people say and do as they please....without consequence or concern, was debilitating. I did not understand or come to grips with this. I suffered quietly....frustratingly...

Then, I received an invitation to an AHERO Foundation outing.  We went deep sea fishing and spent time with other returning warriors from all branches.  It let me know that I was not alone and there was still that group of like-minded men that had fought and sacrificed like myself.  We all fit together like peanut butter and jelly.  It revitalized my soul and made me excited to be alive again.

Not enough words to thank all of you who are involved with AHERO Foundation as much as is deserved!!!  Truly a life changing experience!!

Semper Fi,
Kirk Sanders
Capt, USMC