AHERO Salutes Warrior Hook-Up Sponsors and Volunteers

AHERO Salutes Warrior Hook-Up Sponsors and Volunteers

Thank you to all who supported and participated in the 5th
annual AHERO "Warrior Hook-Up" event. The feedback received
from the active duty and Veteran participants has been universally positive and
gracious but I think we can all agree that the the community, as a whole,
receives tremendous benefit from the type of outreach that the "Hook-Up"
has grown into over these past 5 years. We acknowledge their sacrifice
and we give back through engagement and participation.

There are so many people, businesses and organizations to thank and we [the wonderful Ebba] will be going out with individual letters of appreciation but we must make mention here of a few that without their support we would not have achieved nearly the level of success that occurred this past weekend on Pensacola Beach:

  • The participating local and visiting service members & Veterans who represent our greatest resource in preserving our freedoms and our way of life
  • Major Lee Stuckey, USMC & Purple Heart recipient for his leadership and heartfelt focus on uplifting the lives our returning warriors
  • Warrior Hook-Up committee volunteers
    • Ken & Kolby Odom, Ebba & Ted Dampier, Lori & Tom Evans, Sandy Milburn, Jeff McDaniel, Ken Biland, KB Branch, Charlie Switzer, Jim Roze, PJ Imhoff, Mark Eberhard, Joe Morano, Chuck Miller, Frenchy & Johnny LaFountaine
  • Ebba Dampier & Lori Evans for their fund raising and media promotional efforts
  • Jeff McDaniel [Boat Captain coordination]
  • The Pensacola Beach Elks leadership and membership for embracing AHERO as an extension of their family
  • Mike DeSorbo and Culinary Productions of Pensacola
  • Participating Pensacola Beach establishments:
    • Julie Linander and the Grand Marlin Restaurant
    • Nick and Hemingways Island Grill
    • Robert Gleim and Bamboo Willies
    • Fred Simmons & Renee Mack and the Paradise Bar &
  • Raela Villanueva and her Dream CD Project
  • Shawn York and the Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church congregation
  • Capt Andy Arnold for his support and leadership in developing the concept of enabling our community
    of Boat Owners|Captains to support AHERO as well as all of the participating boat owners:
    • Robert Adams, Danny Aloy, Andy Arnold, KB Branch, John Burton, Howard Dunaway,
      Joey Grodzicki, George Hirst, Scott Kinnebrow, Andrew Marks, Jeff McDaniel, Matt McDonald, Wayne O’Hara, Doug Pacitti, Ryan Peat, Jason
      Perry, Joe Roberts
  • Dave & Yvonne Riley representing the Disabled American Veterans leadership
  • Dr. James Williams, Doug Pacitti and the entire crew of the Cour de la Mer
  • Matt & Amy McDonald and the entire crew of the Breath Easy
  • Destyn Patera & Austin Owens [Videography & Poster Design]
  • Walt Kostevicki and the Pensacola Recreational Fisherman's Association
  • Paul Palpallatoc, Aloha Grill, Gulf Breeze
  • Any Baldwin & Olivia Wrisely, Goldring Gulf Distributors
  • Rae Anne Panzram & Eric Smith, Boston Beer Company
  • Debbie Ciano, Mr. Ciano's Car, Truck & SUV
  • Steve & Brooke Gagne, Drowsy Poet Innerlight
  • Darryl Jansen and DLux Printing
  • Darryl "Van" VanLandingham, Warriors Wagon
We believe the transition from a Charter Fishing trip to a Community supported day of off & inshore fishing was a great enhancement to the "Warrior Hook-Up" event... it engaged and solidified the support of many new folks, businesses and organizations from the surrounding area.

Now, the committee has grown and strengthened and we are already setting the planning agenda for next year's event. We look forward to sharing moments of this year's event on the AHERO website, Facebook Page and other social media so please check-in frequently and we'll be adding visual memories such as this as they become available.

Destyn Patera captures the essence of "Hook-Up" morning.

Thanks to all,

Our Sponsors

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