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Fishing 4AHERO

Fishing 4AHERO

Fishing 4AHEROOpen to the inshore and offshore fishing and the diving public, participants with pledge-per-pound sponsors register in adult (13 and over) or children’s (12 and under) categories to compete for “biggest fish” prizes and Fishing4AHERO’s Grand Prize for the most amount raised for our Veterans.

Species to catch range from bluefish to flounder to Lion fish and more, with mingo snapper replacing red snapper, which was limited to a shorter season this year to avoid over-fishing.

All who participate in AHERO’s Memorial Day Weekend fishing rodeo are winners in the eyes of the brave Veterans and service members their efforts will help.   AHERO’s mission is to counter the alarming increase of suicides among this group by providing as many at-risk warriors as it can with outdoor activities and experiences that help them get back to enjoying and valuing their lives.

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