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  • June 15, 2015
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Continuing from why and when I entered, I reentered the army in DEC 2003 as an Infantryman 11b with a sense of direction and purpose to provide for my family and fight for my country. I went to Ft Campbell Ky where I trained for Iraq. I was in a scout platoon in C company 1-61 calvary and made my E-5 shortly before deployment to Iraq in Nov of 2005. During this deployment I was an assistant team leader in an 8 man scout team. While on a dismounted patrol along the Tigris River my team came into contact with the enemy and I was struck with an anti-personel IED on 15 Aug 2006 upon the blast I was knocked to the ground and received a blast concussion and bleeding from my ears. I was determined to stay in country and support my soldiers during the recovery. I stayed on the FOB and assisted the company with mission prep and security. I was cleared for combat duty approx a month later and returned to my team. I was promoted to SSG in Oct 2006 and awarded an ARCOM with Valor for Exceptional Courage Under Fire and Combat Heroism in East Baghdad, Purple Heart and Combat Infantry Badge.

I returned from Iraq and attended the Basic Noncommissioned Officer course and Airborne School at Ft Benning, Ga. In June of 2007 I attended the Special Forces Selection Course at Ft. Bragg, NC and was selected for 18B Special Forces Weapons Sergeant. I moved with my family to Ft Bragg and began the Qualification course, I did not finish the training due to my wife’s unfortunate miscarriage and made the decision to receive a compassionate withdraw from the course to be with my family as the rigorous training required no distractions.

Upon release from the SFQC we pcs's to Vicenza, Italy. I was assigned to C company 1-503rdABN my duty position was Weapons Squad leader. While training for deployment to Afghanistan I made the E-7/SFC promotion In OCT 2009 and reassigned to E company 1-503rdwith the duty position of Platoon Sergeant.

I deployed to Afghanistan in NOV 2009 as a Platoon Sergeant in the Battalions support company, my duty consisted of route security and personnel security operations. On 9 FEB 2010 we were conducting security for a supply convoy in the Tangi Valley of eastern Afghanistan our vehicle was struck with an IED. Myself along with one other soldier was injured in the blast and was medevac to higher care. My injuries were three broken ribs, and I lost Consciousness for under a minute, which was determined to be a Traumatic Brain injury.

I was sent to Landsthul Germany and sent home to recover. I was told that I was not required to return and finish the deployment however; I felt it was my duty to go back and finish it. I returned to Afghanistan to work in the tactical operations center (TOC) in April 2010, due to mission priority I volunteered to train the (ANA) Afghan Army on weapons and tactics. On 21 JUNE 2010 our element came under Taliban small arms fire, as we prepared to flank the enemy a grenade was thrown by an insurgent detonating approx. 5 meters from me, I was throw into the air and escaped only with shrapnel wounds and an injured back. This was the end of my combat duty and was sent to the WTU at Ft. Gordon, GA. Convinced yet again I was cleared for duty and pcs'd to Hawaii. I was assigned to the 196thInfantry as a senior Infantry Advisor and worked closely with the Hawaiian National guard; I began to feel very depressed at this time and sought help for PTSD and addiction to Opiates. This was the low point of my career and was sent to inpatient treatment for PTSD and addiction. I was sent to the Schofield Barracks, HI WTU for medical separation and then to Ft Stewart, GA WTU for the support of family and proximity to Florida. I have been continuing treatment and as of 26 March 2013 received a disability rating from the VA of 100%. I am beginning the final transition to civilian life and look forward to closure from a fast paced life in the military.

15 August 2006. Dismounted IED Baghdad Iraq, Post blast concussion syndrome. 9 febuary 2010 IED blast Wardak Province Afghanistan. TBI, Broke Ribs. 21 JUNE 2010 Grenade Attack Salar, Afghanistan, shrapnel wound still in left thigh. I feel very fortunate to be alive following these injuries and have suffered with severe PTSD, Severe Migrains, Anxiety and chronic pain.

I have been married to my wife Kristina Langford for 13 years and have 2 boys Ian Langford (10) and Collin Langford (7). My wife has been the backbone of my miliary career and has always been there for our children, through countless moves, combat injuries and my darkest of depression She is my best friend and feel this retirement from active duty will allow her to settle down and contiune her education. My oldest son Ian has been in the 5thgrade and has been to 9 different elementary schools, he has been diagonised with ADHD and struggles with school on a daily basis. He has a very difficult time making friends and is very guarded due to continous change. Collin is our 7 year old and is a very active and enegertic boy that loves school and active in sports. My mother and father both live in Leesburg, Fl and have been married for 34 years, I have one younger brother who is engaged and has 2 little girls. I credit my leadership skills to my father who has taught me a very stong sense of values, they have been there for me in my recovery and very proud that I will be able to retire with the honor and pride knowing that I fought hard.

My plan for the future is to continue healing mentally and physically from the hardships of war. I want to catch up on life with my two boys and my wife. I have missed so many milestones in my children’s lives, along with birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. One of my goals for the future is to be debt free, so we can finally start living our lives without the burden of credit card debt. One day I also plan on owning a home of our own. I plan on giving my children a place they can call home for longer than a couple of years at a time. I have applied for social security disability and will qualify for CRSC upon DD214 in hand, my finances have been a huge burden and we look forward to being back on top. I know this will be a slow and emotional recovery but with the opportunity to receive a mortgage free home will greatly increase the likelihood of achieving this goal. My wife will be going back to college to continue her education and I will get the opportunity to stay home with my children and do the things I have not been able to do with them while in the Army. I also plan on spending some of my time volunteering, especially in activities that my kids are involved in, such as sports and boy scouts. I am also interested in volunteering in the local community and continuing to assist fellow soldiers in any way I can. In closing, I would like to sincerely thank your organization for all that it is doing in helping wounded Veterans.